Our Block & Estate Management Service

Gordon & Co have been managing blocks and estates since 1948. Our client base includes various house builders, freeholders, property management companies and individuals ranging in size from just 10 properties, to over 2,500.

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We believe in establishing a long term relationship with our clients and gaining an understanding of their requirements, to provide the correct service for each unique instruction. All of our clients are different and Gordon & Co will adapt our property management services and fees to suit the needs of each client.

The team is run by Michael McGillycuddy from our offices at 22 Long Acre, Covent Garden.Our team at Gordon & Co. manage all styles of blocks, from new purpose built properties, to the grand London terraces of the 1900's.

Our staff are all qualified with many years of experience in the field of Block and Estate Management, and as a result Gordon & Co have grown their property management business steadily over the years, through our reputation, service and skill.

Looking to change your managing agents or appoint a new one?

Gordon & Co understand Landlord and Tenant law, construction, current legislation, Health and safety issues, service charge accounting and financial planning and more.

We bring a proactive and professional approach to the management of your instruction which is clear and passed on to all.

We are members of ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents).We are kept updated on current legislation and matters affecting the property management industry from different sources.We invest in training for each member of our staff. All of our front line staff are members of the IRPM (Institute of Residential Property Management). We bring a proactive and professional approach to the management of your instruction which is clear and passed on to all. We are organised in respect of financial planning and collection of service charges, taking into account both long term and short term requirements.

All property management services undertaken are done so in accordance with the purchase documentation, after all “if it's not in the lease we as agents cannot charge for it and shouldn't be doing it.”

When there may be issues with service charge or ground rent collection, we are professional and independent in our approach allowing a clear distinction between all of the parties in the relationship. This allows resident directors an arm's length approach to the debt collection process.

We will manage the transfer process for you, which removes any potential embarrassment or conflict with current managing agents.At Gordon & Co we adapt our role and fees to suit the needs and input of each client. With the latest block & estate management software package, Gordon & Co can deliver all important financial data quickly, currently and efficiently.

20 Things we do well as Property Management Professionals:

  1. We take the time to listen to what our clients want and plan accordingly.
  2. We are a small independent property managing agent, with knowledgeable staff and a good portfolio balance of properties and experience of different builds, developments, estates and equipment.
  3. Our offices are based in London and Bristol. Included within our standard service, our property managers will carry out regular routine visits to their property portfolio.
  4. Our service also includes an out of hours cover, which allows for any emergencies to be dealt with when the office is closed. All fully qualified contractors appointed to your property have the ability to attend and provide property maintenance services in emergencies.
  5. Gordon & Co have a proven track record of managing properties and have testimonials in respect of the transition from poor managements through to healthy managements. We take our time to ensure that identified issues are properly communicated to all.
  6. We are regulated by ARMA (The Association of Residential Managing Agents).
  7. Our management style is proactive and we look to identify early and manage the long term affairs of an instruction, surveying assets and undertaking proper planning.
  8. Our due diligence process involves us meeting with yourselves and getting a personal feel for your building and property management requirements.
  9. You will have a dedicated property manager, who you will meet as part of our "new business portfolio", managed by a specialist team to ensure that your property receives the correct level of support and service.
  10. The service we provide is agreed upon, to ensure that the correct property management services are in place for you and your building
  11. Following our appointment we invite all property owners to an evening meeting so that we can introduce ourselves. We also take the time to invite all owners to communicate any observations or problems that they may have, so that these matters can be incorporated into the property management plan.
  12. We review both the contractors and maintenance regimes, to ensure that our client is receiving the best practice and appropriate property management services. Through this process in some cases we can reduce the service charges demanded from owners.
  13. We undertake a review of the utility providers to ensure that good value for money is being provided to our clients and where appropriate, sign up to a fixed period contract.
  14. The building’s legal compliance is checked and where required, is made compliant at the earliest opportunity.
  15. We commit to provide our staff with appropriate industry education and training.
  16. All of our property managers have good management experience and are at varying levels of qualification.
  17. We have very strong financial control management and deal effectively and sensitively with the collection and management of your funds
  18. We are knowledgeable and happy to assist in all building matters to reach a successful conclusion and where appropriate, provide alternative solutions.
  19. We are also committed to modern service mediums and have an internet portal for directors and owners use as well as incorporating some social media web sites.
  20. We can also assist our clients if requested, to provide a site specific internet facility tailored to the building and owners needs.


Gordon & Co are members of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents) and adhere to their strict code of practice giving peace of mind to all our clients. Gordon & Co believe that we have all the necessary tools and knowledge to manage any instruction efficiently and practically.

Michael SquareIf you are looking for more information or a quote from Gordon & Co,
please call us on 020 7724 4477
or click here to email Michael McGillycuddy.