Freehold Purchase & Ground Rent Collection

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bradly wardIf you wish to get advice or a price for selling your
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Freehold Purchase

Being involved in Block Management for various large and small clients, Gordon & Co are involved in the buying and selling of the freehold interests of sites.

We have built up a number of buyers, ranging from larger funds to family trusts and private individuals.They are a specialist asset type and one which many house builders and developers do not wish to keep as 'it is not their business' and also it adds valuable income to the development project.

If you know you wish to sell the freehold interest at the outset of a development it is possible to avoid substantial legal costs if a price is agreed with the buyer before the leases are drawn up.

If all units are sold before deciding to sell the freehold the process is lengthy, costly and slightly more involved but still a well trodden process.

Ground Rent Collection

Gordon & Co undertake the ground rent collection for most of its clients. It is collected and demanded by Gordon & Co as specified in the lease which is normally half yearly, then kept in a separate account for use and payment as the client wishes. It is legally binding and rarely is it not paid by the lessee.

Gordon & Co's property management software allows collection of ground rent even if we do not undertake the block

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