Battersea & Clapham estate agents.. but not as you know them

Meet the Battersea & Clapham team

Did you know half of the Battersea & Clapham office support Chelsea, while the other half support Manchester United? Although something as major as football divides the office, they are united on one front - their passion for property.

The team love the industry they work in and are known for being among the few who really enjoy the job they do. Their enthusiasm is infectious, with staff feeding off the fun, friendly and energetic working atmosphere to get the job done. In fact, the team often stay late to achieve the best outcome for their clients. If it’s after 6pm and somebody’s still at their desk, give them a friendly wave - they’re probably chasing an exchange!

So who exactly are the Battersea & Clapham team?

They’re a mix of homeowners, shared ownership occupiers, landlords and renters who all call the Battersea and Clapham area home. One lives in a studio known as ‘the shoe box’; one rents a pad behind the office, while another lets a school conversion to a colleague - you’ll always find a member of staff with a property story you can relate to. 

In the office there’s much tea drinking, ribbing of each other’s diverse accents and judging of who has the politest telephone manner. 


When they’re not living and breathing property, the Battersea & Clapham team are an active bunch - even going as far as challenging rival estate agents along Lavender Hill to football matches (Gordon & Co are currently the team to beat!). Boxing, golf, darts and go karting all feature on the downtime list, as do a few drinks in the local pubs, eating out and spending time with their families, friends and even colleagues (they use #workfamily to fondly refer to the after hours time they spend together).

Drop in our Lavender Hill office soon and discover why the team say “we are more than colleagues - we are a family.”