6 stress-reducing solutions for the Christmas holiday


Amid mince pies and mistletoe are some age-old Christmas conundrums. From seating everyone for a slap-up lunch to decorating a rented property without inflicting damage, here are Gordon & Co’s smart solutions for festive property problems.

1. Add colour with winter foliage: many home movers love new build properties, such as this apartment to rent at One The Elephant Tower, as they offer a neutral blank canvass but Christmas is a time for lavish decorations and colour. An instant way to make your home feel festive is by adding winter foliage. Opt for colourful poinsettias, berry-studded holly, trailing ivy and fir garlands - plastic-free options that can also be composted.

2. Move furniture around to create space: many things about Christmas are temporary and if space is at a premium - or you’re struggling to find a gap for the Christmas tree - try reconfiguring things to find that extra space. Like in this flat to rent in Elephant & Castle where the sofa could be repositioned against the garden doors to really open up space for a dining table or extra chairs this Christmas.

3. Host a blow-out buffet: while a sit-down meal is a Christmas tradition, it presents a headache if you haven’t got a big dining table or enough chairs. Throw out the rule book and host a standing buffet instead. Just like this flat for sale on Blackfriars Road, many modern homes lend themselves to casual catering.

4. Be inventive with Christmas props: decorative ladders are definitely having their moment and they’re the perfect way to display Christmas cards, fairy lights and decorations in rented properties, such as this pristine apartment to rent in the Lincoln Building. Prop the ladder against the wall to save damaging plasterwork with drawing pins or nails.

5. Temporarily divide large spaces: house guests are part and parcel of the festive season, and a common dilemma is more people than beds. If your property is blessed with grand proportions, such as this flat for rent in Eyre Court, you can use room dividers to separate areas and give privacy.

6. Invest in a sofa bed: if you’re in a panic about sleeping arrangements but can’t bear asking guests to bed down on a blow-up mattress, buy a sofa bed. Small enough to fit in a study and smart enough to grace the living room - ideal for this flat for sale in Stevenage - a sofa bed can double the amount sleeping spaces in one manoeuvre and provide extra places to sit during the day.

If you decide on a bigger property is needed for next Christmas - or you’d like a home of your own where you can go wild with decorations - browse our houses and flats to rent or Gordon & Co’s latest properties for sale.