Are you ready to bring some ubuntu into your life?

Bring Ubuntu into your life - Gordon & Co Estate Agents

While little-known in the UK, ubuntu is a big thing in Africa. The Zulu word translates as ‘we are all one family’ and the ethos concentrates on being connected as a group of people and doing things together. 

The cornerstones of ubuntu are fairness, humanity, truthfulness, caring, sharing and hospitality - and it is the last two points that we Brits can embrace in our own homes. Ubuntu is not about retreating to a corner with a good book like you would with hygge - it’s about throwing the doors open and making lunch for people you might only partly know.

These 5 ideas will help you create a sense of ubuntu where you live:

1. Buy the biggest dining table possible: ubuntu is about doing things together and this can easily be applied to eating. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner sat around the same table sums up what ubuntu is all about.

2. Opt for the open plan: foster the spirit of ubuntu by seeking an open plan kitchen/living/dining room. This will allow you to stay connected as family and friends, creating a warm, lively home.

3. Don’t skimp on sofas: whether you’re gathered together to watch a sporting final or are catching up with friends, a big sofa should be the focal point of an ubuntu living room. Opt for corner styles and squishy seats.

4. Choose an island unit: an island unit in the kitchen is a great way of gathering people together in the heart of the house, especially if they can pull up a barstool.

5. Add a fire pit and chairs: recreate campfire magic in your own garden by buying a fire pit and placing as many seats as possible around the edge. The glowing embers will draw friends and family in for cosy evenings.

Many of the properties that Gordon & Co sells and lets are perfect for the ubuntu way of life. If you’d like help in finding a friendly, social place to live, get in touch today.