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Ikigai (pronounced ick-ee-guy) is the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. The Japanese concept means 'a reason for being' and is achieved when your wants and needs overlap with your passions and skills and what the world needs. 

Ikigai is thought to bring happiness, health and even longevity - with ikigai reputed to be the reason why there are so many centenarians in Japan.

Finding your ikigai can start at home and your choice of property to rent or buy can help your search. Here Gordon & Co brings you four properties that will help you follow the four core pillars of ikigai:-

1. What you love (your passion)

Fitness is a passion for many Londoners and whether you’re training for a triathlon, want to lose weight or use fitness to improve your mental health, a gym can be an integral part of your ikigai. This apartment for sale in 5 New Union Square is complete with an extensive on-site private gymnasium.

2. What the world needs (your mission)

If your mission is to reconnect with nature - perhaps go barefoot and feel the grass beneath your feet - then this three-bedroom flat for sale in Ravensbourne Apartments is ideal. There are a number of immaculate, communal gardens to explore, with lush planting and shady nooks.

3. What you are good at (your vocation)

A fundamental of ikigai is pursuing what you’re good at and if you like to cook up a storm in the kitchen - or simply throw lavish dinner parties - this 2 Bedroom Flat to rent in Upper Ground is perfect. The open plan kitchen/ living area features a sleek kitchen packed full of integrated appliances and a breakfast bar.

4. What you can get paid for (your profession)

This two-bedroom apartment at the 250 City Road development is within walking distance of Tech City and the Square Mile. But if working from home is more your thing, the development offers a re-booted work-life balance, with a business lounge and two acres of beautiful wifi-enabled green spaces, so you can work wherever you like.

We can't guarantee you'll live past 100 but we can help you find your dream home.

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