How to get a free property valuation

A house that needs to be valued before selling

If you’re thinking of selling your property, it’s important to get an accurate valuation so that a fair asking price can be determined, based on the current market.

Having a property valuation is also a vital part of selling your home and one that should not be overlooked as it is key to working out your affordability. And, if you don’t know the current market value of your property, you could end up pricing too high or too low.

What is a property valuation?

A property valuation is the process of establishing the estimated the worth of your home, according to an estate agent or independent valuer. As part of the property valuation process, a number of factors will be taken into account in order to reach a fair evaluation, including the size, condition and location of your property as well as the recent sale prices of similar properties.

A valuation will not only allow you to figure out what you can afford for your next property, it will also ensure you get the very best price for your home.

How to get a free property valuation

Many estate agents offer the tools you need to obtain a free, no obligation property valuation online. This will act as a price guide, giving you an insight into what your property might be worth if you decide to sell or rent it out. Although they’re not as reliable as a professional in-person valuation might be, an online valuation will at least give you an idea of how much your home is worth.

All you need to do is provide your postcode and you’ll receive an average, upper and lower house price guide for your home. Free online property valuation tools will also allow you to access background information regarding the house prices in your area. This can help you get an idea of what could be a realistic asking price for your property.

If you decide to go ahead and put your property on the market, you can then book a free, no obligation, professional valuation with an estate agent. Valuations typically take approximately one hour and involve the valuer assessing all areas of your property including its layout, special features, outdoor space, size and condition.

Property valuation FAQs

How do property valuations work?

A home valuation is an assessment of the value of your property. A surveyor will visit your home and assess the market value, based on factors such as its location, size, age and condition.

An online valuation will give you a rough guide to the price of your house, based on the postcode and the number of rooms in the property.

What should I do after my free online valuation?

Your online valuation will give you an insight into the market value of your home. Once you’ve received your valuation, if you go on to decide to sell your home, you should make an appointment for a valuer to visit your property and carry out a thorough valuation.

Are valuations by estate agents free?

Many estate agents provide property valuations for free, although some do charge so make sure you check before booking a house valuation. At Gordon & Co, our professional valuations are always completely free of charge and you’re under no obligation to use any of our services once we’ve varied out the assessment.

Got the evaluation – what next?

Once you’ve got your free valuation, you’ll have a clear idea of how much your property is worth. If you decide to sell your home, our guide to selling will guide you through the sales process, ensuring you’re well prepared every step of the way, while our selling tips will help you ensure you get the best possible price for your property.

To find out more about selling with selling with Gordon & Co, check out our guide or get in touch.

Why choose Gordon & Co?

Founded in 1948, Gordon & Co is a progressive London-based property agency founded in 1948, with proven expertise in sales, lettings, valuations and new developments.

If you’re looking for a house valuation, our skilled and experienced team will provide a free valuation, with absolutely no obligation.

And, although most of the team is currently working from home, we are continuing to deliver the highest standard of service to all of our customers, with our usual entrepreneurial spirit, motivation and impeccable level of service and care.