From door to door: how to keep moving house on track


Super organised? Micromanager? Anally retentive? If so, moving home can be a challenge. But you’ve got this! There are plenty of moving house tips that will give you a comforting sense of control and we’re sharing the best with you. Here’s a control freak’s guide to moving. 

A control freak guide to moving a house

Start planning early

And we mean way before you’ve found somewhere new. Declutter and streamline so you have less to move (think recycle and rehome), and start packing non essential items now.

Moving house tip 1: If you have a loft, it’s a good place to start.

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Line up your ‘moving squad’

Quicken the pace by getting your solicitor, mortgage lender (for buyers) and removal company on side early. If you’re renting, book a deep clean before check out and families should contact news schools about vacancies.

Moving house tip 2: Sellers take buyers more seriously if their offer is backed up by a mortgage agreement in principle.

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Aim for paper perfection

The moving process requires hard copies and paper evidence, so gather together:

  • Photographic ID
  • Your most recent bank statements x 3
  • A utility bill showing your current address
  • SA302 tax calculations and tax year overview if you’re self employed, and
  • Wage slips for employees
  • Proof of deposit for buyers
  • Right to Rent paperwork for tenants (accepted forms listed here)

Moving house tip 3: Screen shot any paperwork you have to send off, especially if it’s an original. 

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Pack like a pro

A methodical system will save stress when you unload at the other end. Arm yourself with enough packing materials, have boxes dedicated to each room and label each box with the room its intended for.

Moving house tip 4: How many boxes? Thankfully, someone else has done the maths here

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Get appy

Digitally manage your move by using a specific moving house app. Download Pro Moving Planner and Packing Pro - especially if you like to make lists and tick things off.

Moving house tip 5: Don’t miss the Change of Address app that takes the hard work out of notifications.

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Here at Gordon & Co we’re control freaks just like you! We’re constantly checking, chasing and refreshing our to do lists so all our clients move in good time. We’ll take care of the agency aspects of moving, leaving you free to precisely pack those boxes.

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