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Romance doesn’t always have to be a bunch of red roses or a box of chocolates. Neither does it have to be confined to Valentine’s Day. Get the look of love in your home all year round with these more permanent decorating ideas.

1. Install dimmer switches - harsh lighting hardly sets the right romantic tone so swap conventional light switches for dimmer versions. There is plenty of voice activated app-based dimmers so you can lower the lighting without leaving your sofa. The swap to dimmer switches doesn’t involve new cabling and the technology can even control dimmable LED lamps as well as overhead lights.

1 valentine dimmer switches

2. Create a den -
wouldn’t it be great to have a dedicated place to snuggle up and watch TV without distractions? Modern life, however, means our living room may double up as a home office or playroom. Why not create a den to escape to? The good news is the smaller the room, the better - an unused study or a box room is perfect. Just add a sofa, a TV and a Netflix boxset.

2 create a den

3. Don’t be afraid to decorate with pink -
you can soften the look of any room with a dash of pink but before you recoil in horror, you can be very subtle and still add a romantic touch. Living Coral is Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019 - a soft, blush pink-orange that’s a great place to start. Pair it sparingly with light grey, white or navy blue.

3 decorate with pink

4. Pile your sofa high with tactile textures -
your sofa should be a place of relaxation and refuge, a seat to share with the one you love. Sadly, sofas can get neglected - jumped on by the dog and strewn with crumbs from the kids. Show your sofa some love by adding new cushions and a throw or two. Opt for faux fur, lambswool and velvet fabrics, and you’ll feel spoilt every time you sit down.

4 pile sofa tactile texture

5. Create a photo gallery -
smartphone cameras mean we take 1,000s of photos but we have fallen out of love with getting precious memories printed. Set aside a day to flick through your digital albums, choosing the images you cherish the most. Get them printed - maybe in black and white - frame them and make a gallery - either wall hung or grouped together on a sideboard.

5 create photo gallery