Find the right buy-to-let property in the capital

Find the right buy-to-let property in the capital

London remains a top investment venue for those looking to tap into the capital’s property market.

With strong rents recent years have seen an interest from buyers in the Far East as they look to diversify their portfolios.

Uncertainly about Brexit does not seem to have deterred overseas investors looking to become landlords in the UK, but this increased competition does mean potential buyers need to ensure they find the right property that will offer strong returns.

Identify your tenants

Consider who a property will appeal to - what kind of tenants are most likely to be interested and which renters do you want to attract.

Students will look for something easy to maintain and will not be put off by properties that are not aimed at the luxurious renter - price will be a key factor in them signing an agreement.

Alternatively, young professionals may be a better option if your property fits the bill. Homes that are stylish and attractive can help to attract premium rents.

For those hoping to rent to families, then a property will need to be in a good school area and such tenants often opt for unfurnished properties as they tend to want to make a home with their own belongings.


Location is always the most obvious factor when choosing an investment property. Remember that while a price could be tempting, you do need to do some research to ensure there are sufficient numbers of people interested in renting in the area.

Try to find those up-and-coming areas, where property is still going for reasonable prices, but rents are starting to climb as more people seek to move in.

Double check your finances

Buy-to-let investment can be a straightforward way to achieve a good return on your money, but you do need to make sure you do your sums in advance.

It can be worthwhile seeking out advice from a financial adviser who can help assess affordability and ensure you do not over stretch yourself financially.