Landlords set to increase buy-to-let investment

Landlords set to increase buy-to-let investment

Landlords in the UK are still looking at increasing their investment in buy-to-let properties over the coming months.

A survey from Mortgages for Business concluded 44 per cent of UK landlords plan to expand their portfolios before summer 2018.

There is a mix of properties appealing to landlords, with HMOs cited as a preferred option for the majority because of the potential of greater yields.

However, the ongoing uncertainly surrounding tax changes and legislation means some landlords are cautious about their next step, with 15 per cent of landlords surveyed admitting they may reduce their property holdings over the next six months.

“The results show that many landlords are more optimistic about the future of property investment than some commentators would have you believe. Of course, there will be some who will choose to leave the sector but this will create opportunities for those who are in it for the long term,” explained Steve Olejnik, chief operating officer at Mortgages for Business.

Borrowing vehicles remain the leading choice for those investors expanding their holdings, with 58 per cent opting for such products.