New online eviction procedure launched for landlords

New online eviction procedure launched for landlords

The UK government has unveiled a new online service for landlords, which allows them to begin the process of evicting tenants under the Section 21 accelerated possession procedure. 

It follows from an idea first suggested during a government Think Tank to help speed up evictions, with tenant eviction firm Landlord Action leading the way. It is hoped the new online form will begin the transition to an entirely online service in the future. 

“We are always campaigning to make life easier for landlords, especially through the distressing time of trying to regain possession of a property,” founder of Landlord Action Paul Shamplina said. 

“We are pleased that the government has listened to our initial ideas regarding making accelerated possession forms available online, as I really feel it will make a difference.”

This should provide a major confidence boost for landlords, as the process will help to reduce the stress and minimise the red tape associated with evicting tenants that have failed to pay their rent. 

In addition to being easily accessible via the internet, the new process is intended to help clear up much of the legal jargon associated with carrying out an eviction, while relevant questions will be asked on the forms to determine a landlord’s specific situation. 

According to Landlord Action, many landlords were making mistakes when trying to complete an eviction under the previous process, most likely because they did not have proper legal representation. These errors often led to further delays when trying to submit their applications to court. 

“This new online N5b form will go a long way in helping to prevent the most common mistakes landlords make, which often cause costly delays. We also hope that landlords will be empowered by the knowledge that improvements are underway to make possessions quicker and easier in the future,” Mr Shamplina continued. 

Landlords will be able to complete the N5b form online. This can then be printed out and sent to the appropriate parties along with the tenancy agreement and relevant fees. 

Evicting tenants is never something a landlord wants to do, but sometimes it is necessary to protect your investment. However, the new system should hopefully remove some of the difficulties and headaches surrounding the situation.