Protect against the spring freeze

Protect against the spring freeze

Although it isn’t long until Easter arrives, it seems the UK is set to be hit by some rather colder weather over the coming days.

The Met Office is predicting Britain is about to experience the coldest February week in five years as freezing temperatures arrives from Russia.

An amber issue cold weather alert has been put in place for most of the country and people are being warned about the increased health risks faced by the elderly and vulnerable as temperatures drop.

Snow is also expected across many areas, which is likely to lead to travel delays and potentially power cuts.

So what can landlords do to ensure their properties don’t fall victim to similar unusual patterns of weather in the future?

Landlords are advised to make sure they carry out regular maintenance on their homes, especially the roof, which can seem in good condition from a distance. It is worth getting a professional to give roofs the once over on a regular basis to ensure there are no missing tiles or that a tile has not got broken in a storm. This can help stop further rain damage caused by water seeping into the roof space, as well as helping to retain heat.

Loft insulation is also a great idea for landlords who are hoping to reduce bills for their tenants. Laying new insulation is a relatively straightforward job and would be welcomed by residents keen to remain warmer during the winter months.

Another insulation option is cavity wall insulation. This needs to be done by a specialist, but there are often grants available to reduce potential costs.

Pipes also need insulating to prevent them from freezing and bursting. Special sleeves can be fitted to help prevent any problems and prevent expensive water damage.