KonMari your move: achieve sales success & better wellbeing

KonMari your move - Gordon & Co Estate Agents

You can use the new beginnings, green shoots and lighter days of spring as your inspiration, with a little help from the Japanese princess of perfection, Marie Kondo and her KonMari Method, to plan your move.

We all know an untidy property doesn’t portray well in property photographs or impress viewers but did you know decluttering can have other positive impacts? Mess, clutter and generally too many things can actually increase cortisol, hamper mental health, lower life satisfaction and impair productivity. Experts certainly believe in the ‘a tidy house, a tidy mind’ mantra for a healthier lifestyle, so if you’re selling your home or about to move, read on.

Here are Gordon & Co’s 5 clutter-clearing considerations for property sellers and movers.

1. Spring clean and mean it - the KonMari method suggests tidying all at once rather than tackling your home in stages, which makes sense if you’re working on a moving deadline. You might want to put aside two consecutive weekends or take some time off of work to get a run of days to clear the clutter.

2. People do open cupboards and drawers - you may have been told to hide junk from view by stuffing it away but this method can backfire. Potential buyers - especially those on viewings where the occupant isn’t present - will open cupboards and drawers to see what the storage is like. If everything tumbles out and looks a mess, it sends a sign that the property doesn’t have enough storage. If you only focus on two places, make it your airing cupboard and the cupboard under the stairs.

3. Reduce how much furniture you have - any property will feel bigger and more spacious with less inside, and it's possible to ditch a chest of drawers or storage cabinet by applying some of Marie Kondo’s trademark tricks. Follow her tutorials on the fine art of folding clothes and you may find you don’t need as many drawers, hangers, and shelves.

4. Tidy by category - one of Marie Kondo’s top rules is to tackle clutter and objects by category and not by room. That means gathering all your books together from across the house in one place so you can sort from a central point. Repeat the process for each category, including paperwork, home accessories, clothes, shoes and sentimental items (even photographs).

5. Move home the KonMari way - once you have cleared, consolidated and carted a truckload of unwanted items to the charity shop, you’ve bought yourself a moving head start. The KonMari magic doesn’t stop there, however. How you pack up your worldly goods, unpack in your new home and even stack the removal van matters. Advice on how to KonMari your move can be found across the internet but the top line is: keep chucking out as you pack and unpack for ultra-minimalism.

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