4 space-saving hacks to streamline your home


You've found the perfect flat to rent in central London… but three months in and your rental home is looking more like a car boot sale than the cool, contemporary space you had in mind. We’ve all got loads of stuff, but the trick is to know how to disguise it. Here are some ideas to help you stow those possessions out of sight and return to the clean, minimalist lines you’ve been pining for.

1. Don't dash to declutter

You know you won't do it all in one go, so don't even try. Set aside a specific time each day, or each week, to sort through your possessions. When everything’s finally in place, try to continue with your regular de-cluttering time slot, otherwise the mess will simply build up again.

Don't dash to declutter


2. Decisions, decisions

Decide which room you'll start on, and work from one end to the other, clearing as you go. Use three black bin bags - one for things that you want to keep, one for things that you want to throw away, and another for items you might pass on to friends or donate to a charity shop. Easy, eh?

Decisions, decisions


3. Put a lid on it

Containers and baskets with well-arranged contents can transform your clutter into a design feature. A set of clear storage jars, each one filled with items of a single colour, looks more like an arty focal point than the act of a desperate hoarder. Baskets with lids, arranged along a shelf, will look neater than a mass of random objects, no matter how carefully you’ve tried to arrange them.

Put a lid on it


4. Savvy storage secrets

Need more storage? There are so many clever and stylish space-saving ideas to choose from, including three-tiered tables, freestanding storage units, hanging door tidies and boxes that fit neatly under a bed. Use a tray table that folds away when you don’t need it, and look out for dual-use items for the kitchen, such as a bread crock with a wooden cutting board for a lid.

Savvy storage secrets


Once you've learned how to keep your home clutter-free, you'll be able to take this new skill with you when it’s time to move on, whether you're looking for London property to rent or preparing to buy a new home. And when you're ready for your next move, we have a wealth of amazing properties, just waiting to be turned into smart, enviable homes.

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