Best places to eat in Paddington, West London

Best places to eat in Paddington, West London

West London has many fantastic places to dine out, but with such an extensive range of cuisines and fantastic restaurants, it can be hard to make an informed choice about where to spend your evening. We take a look at some of the finest eateries in Paddington to try out when you move to the area. 


The ideal Paddington location for when you want to enjoy a classy night out, Cristini provides diners with a wonderful candle lit atmosphere in a quiet setting. The soft piano music that seems to constantly play in the background will add the perfect sort of ambiance to the evening for diners in a location that aims to promote simplicity done well.

The Italian cuisine on offer is just as fantastic as the setting itself, with the range of starters leaving you pouring over the menu with your stomach rumbling. The speciality of the house is the range of authentic pasta dishes, with fresh homemade pasta of course, while the wide scale of main courses are provided using hand selected fresh local ingredients. The monthly specials are always worthy of a look as well. 

However, the icing on the cake at Cristini really does come in the shape of the little extras. The wine list is extensive and impressive, and the staff are always around to offer a knowledgeable lending hand when it comes to selecting a bottle. Head over on a Wednesday evening and you can even enjoy your romantic meal with live jazz. 

Find it at: 28 Sussex Place

Bel Canto

If live music in a restaurant setting is something that tickles your fancy, then it would be a real shame to miss out on Bel Canto, where your desires will be catered to with a really unique little touch. Here, you can enjoy exquisite French fine dining while being serenaded by live opera music. The restaurant has an extensive roster of 60 singers, four of whom will perform a range of pieces every night. 

Even the waiting staff will join in with the operatic numbers on offer while they take your order, which really is a nice little touch. In terms of the food, Bel Canto's menu is seasonal and very classically French, so you can enjoy an ever changing menu that gives a perfect accompaniment to the musical delights on offer. The wine list is also wonderful, with a mix of the finest French and Italian wines you could hope to find north of the Channel.

And to finish off the night, why not enjoy a complimentary glass of prosecco with which to toast the performers? 

Find it at: Corus Hotel Hyde Park, 1 Lancaster Gate


On the search for somewhere with an attractive setting to eat? Look no further than Angelus, which is located in the site of an old pub. The 19th-century interior has been expertly mixed with art-deco designs to bring out a one-of-a-kind surrounding filled with dark wood, colourful fabrics and a range of elaborate mirrors. It all comes together to give the bistro a rather outlandish but warm ambiance. 

Perfect for lunches, Angelus has something of a laid-back atmosphere inside, and with a range of classic dishes on offer, you'll rarely have to venture away from the favourites. Located so close to Hyde Park, it's the perfect place to pop into for a little quick bite on a winter's night after a walk through the park. 

Things you must try from the menu include a starter of Crème brulée au foie gras, followed by Fillet of cod with chorizo, broccoli, grilled spring onions, toasted almond milk and brandade or Roast rump of Salt Marsh lamb, blanquette of shoulder and sweetbreads, and seasonal vegetables.

Find it at: 4 Bathurst Street

Nipa Thai

Located within the Lancaster hotel, this wonderful restaurant takes its name from the original Nipa in Landmark Hotel in Bangkok. This is the ideal place to eat if you want to try foreign cuisine in what feels like truly authentic settings. Traditional Thai furniture, wall panelling and a range of artefacts from the nation will transport you all the way to Bangkok. 

Even the staff at the restaurant are all Thai, including all of the chefs, so you know you're getting a true taste of the country. Nipa Thai was one of the first restaurants to be awarded a Thai Select award, known for being the country's government's own version of a Michelin Star. 

You may not be all that au fait with the items on the menu, but try to be a little adventurous and try some of the delights such as Kai Haw Bai Toey, Kaeng Kiew Warn Kai soup or the Nipa platter - a selection of the chef's special Thai starters to give you a little bit of everything. 

Find it at: 1st Floor, Lancaster London, Lancaster Terrace

Massis Bar and Grill

Staying with the theme of authentic foreign cuisine, Massis Bar and Grill is a great place to try your first taste of Lebanese food. The eatery's owners focus heavily on making sure diners can try the very best in authentic contemporary food from the nation. 

On the menu, the mains are a journey through a vast array of Lebanese classics that will delight even those who have never thought of Lebanese food in the past, while the mezze range comes highly recommended. The full spectrum of colours, aromas, flavours and textures of the Lebanese food industry can be sampled here. 

And with the wonderful attached bar, there's nowhere better to relax after a fantastic meal. Try out the extensive cocktail menu if you feel ambitious. 

Find it at: 9 Sheldon Square