Maximising space could be key

Maximising space could be key

Selling a home could be speeded up by taking steps to maximise the space on offer to buyers. There is little doubt a bright and neat home will appeal more to potential purchasers, but it can be hard to achieve, so here is our guide to helping to make a home more sellable.


Buyers like to imagine themselves living in a property, so it makes sense to clear out any over-personalised belongings or unnecessary items. Having a good declutter gives the impression of a spacious home, rather than making viewers think it is too small for them.

Rely on hidden storage to provide a home to day-to-day items and make sure to clear off the majority of surfaces to enhance the illusion of space and a clutter-free way of living.

However, be cautious of taking it too far as buyers tend to avoid any homes that are completely devoid of personality, so remember a vase of attractive flowers or a tasteful piece of art on the wall could help clinch that sale.

Look towards the light

Making small changes can really help to increase the amount of natural light in a property - making it seem spacious and clean. Darker rooms can put off buyers, so opt for neutral light paint tones to increase the perceived size of a room. Don’t make the mistake of just painting everything white, as this can come across as too clinical. It makes more sense to look at lighter greys or warmer cream shades that offer a more homely feel. 

Go on a furniture spending spree

It may be time to get rid of those larger furniture pieces. Although they can offer plenty of storage space, they can dominate a room making it seem cramped and too small. Consider replacing with more compact pieces or look at enhancing wall storage to make the most of the space.


Interior designers always suggest mirrors are a great way of making a space seem larger. Look at ways of bringing reflective surfaces to give an illusion of more room. This trick is particularly effective in smaller rooms, such as bathrooms and hallways.