Preparing your home for winter

Preparing your home for winter

There is no doubt the cold winter months are definitely coming, so it makes sense to take some steps to ensure your home is toasty and warm.

However, some people are concerned that this time of year also means expensive heating bills, especially as energy companies seem to be constantly putting their prices up.

The good news is there are lots of little changes that can be paid to make your home comfortable as the temperatures drop, without breaking the bank.

One of the easiest changes is to turn down your central heating down a little. Adjusting your thermostat may not make that much of a change to how warm you feel, but it can have a major impact on your energy bills.

Other potential changes can include keep all the doors in the house closed throughout winter. This helps to conserve the heat, and stops it circulating into areas of the home you might be using, meaning you can keep the heating on a lower temperature - again saving you money.

Most DIY stores stock insulating strips that are quick and easy to fit windows and doors to help stop draughts getting in. They only take a few minutes to put in place but they can make a real difference to keeping your home warm. Also make sure you have good window and door curtains as they can also prevent heat escaping.

This time of year, there can also be some good offers on loft insulation. Available in a range of thickness, adding an extra layer of material in the roof space can help reduce the amount of heat loss in many homes.

If you want to improve your home, especially if you are thinking of putting it on the market in the new year, then there are plenty of options.

Anyone redecorating may want to consider insulating wallpaper. Available in a whole host of styles and designs, this wallpaper looks normal, but has plenty of insulating properties to keep warmth in the home. It is hung in the same way as other wallpaper, but could play a key role in reducing energy costs.

It may also be worth upgrading your heating system as more buyers opt for properties that offer high levels of energy efficiency. There are also plenty of incentives available if upgrading from a particularly old system, so it may be worth doing some research to see if you can offset the cost.

Similarly, buyers are often put off properties that do not have double-glazing. Seen as a must for many homeowners, modern windows look good and help keep the heat in.