Meraki - your new lifestyle goal


Meraki is a Greek word to express doing something with the utmost care, diligence, and love. The idea is that you give a little bit of yourself - your heart, soul, and creativity - to the task in hand and that's what makes it beautiful.

So, if it's decorating your new home, building your IKEA shelves or just making a cup of tea for your housemate, you made it with love, with devotion, with meraki!

Here are Gordon & Co’s four top areas where a little Meraki can make a big difference, alongside matching homes for those looking to buy property in London.

1) Create with passion: The creative arts and Meraki go hand in hand. Whether you’re a painter, singer, graphic designer or vlogger, ensure you put your heart and soul into your output. This flat for sale in Fitzrovia is located in Rathbone Square - a development that features a peaceful residents’ lounge, a screening room and a secluded garden to get your creative juices flowing. This property also benefits from high ceilings and an abundance of natural light for the perfect artistic backdrop.

2) Cook from the heart: Food and love are indelibly intertwined. It’s easy to infuse cooking a meal with a sense of Meraki, whether you’re hosting a supper party for friends or creating a candlelit dinner for two. This flat for sale in Battersea is part of the Embassy Gardens development and although it’s sold complete with an amazing kitchen, it’s also within a mile of 35 amazing restaurants if you feel your talents lie in ordering from a menu.

3) Go flat out during your workout: The benefits of exercise are extensively documented and there’s more than a grain of truth in the phrase ‘go hard or go home’. Whether you’re training for a triathlon, set on losing weight or taking part in a charity run, exercising with a sense of Meraki will always produce the best results. This flat for sale in SE3 is complete with a private gym and access to extensive leisure facilities so you can give your training 100%.

4) Add flair to your interior design: Decorating and designing interiors is a real passion for many, with Instagram and Pinterest the perfect places to show off your portfolio. It’s easy to be bold and beautiful with this flat for sale in Battersea SW11. As well as stunning interior design in the apartment - this property also offers naturally bright and well-proportioned living and entertaining space with access to a private rear patio garden - the property is within reach of Sloane Square, King’s Road and Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre for the very best home interior stores and inspiration.

For more properties for sale and to let where you can hone your skills with more Meraki, contact your local Gordon & Co team today.