Our man in Asia

Ed Hulme finding his way around HK

In August of last year, Director Neil Hunt and Ed Hulme left behind their London lives and moved continents to set up Gordon&Co Singapore and Gordon&Co Hong Kong respectively.

Now settled, they will be posting about their experiences, both professionally and personally, hoping to add a flavour of what move has brought them thus far.

They will try to give a rounded view of the highs and lows and the points to consider when moving to another continent to further their professional and personal experiences.

The first instalment comes from Ed, our Head of Gordon&Co Hong Kong who has over 15 years’ experience with London property.
Below he has tried to capture his initial thoughts when touching down on Asian soil.

For more information, or to speak to Neil or Ed, please contact them through the relevant office pages.

Finding my feet:

After a mad dash through Heathrow, some very questionable plane food and the madness that is trying to find a taxi speaking exactly no Malay, we spent an initial relaxing couple of days being generously hosted by Neil and his family.
From here, my other half and I then arrived in Hong Kong, our home for the foreseeable future, still a bit jaded from jet-lag and, and just to really throw us in the deep end, three days after the Occupy Movement started.
Hong Kong is crowded, noisy and hectic at the best of times, but the protest heightened all of that and added another layer.
We were officially here.
Luckily for me, I had to get my nose to the grindstone pretty quickly as duty called and I had meetings to attend.
It was enormously lifting to receive such a warm welcome from some of my current Asia based clients. After a week of ‘catch ups’ it became apparent that there is a real appetite for knowledge on London investments.  Having those face to face meetings also enabled me to advise on further properties and send these instructions back to the guys on the ground in the relevant area, my purpose was instantly clear.
In those first couple of weeks, I spoke with vendors and landlords of properties spanning the entirety of London; it has since become apparent how important joined up thinking has now become.
Since being here I have advised on property from £200,000 to £80m, but more of that later.
Now over the initial shock to the system, we have embraced the noise, the drilling, the general business and of course, the copious amounts of dim sum and are genuinely excited as to what the coming months will bring.
Watch this space.