40% of landlords in the UK are women, report reveals

40% of landlords in the UK are women, report reveals [Photo: kzenon via iStock]

The profession of landlord has long been seen as somewhat dominated by men. However, a new study has shown that the tide is changing in this regard, with recent years having seen a climb in the number of women who are buy-to-let property owners. 

According to the findings of the survey published by Simple Landlords Insurance, female landlords are now even more prevalent than small business owners. It said that at present, as many as 40 per cent of all landlords are female, compared to just 17 per cent of small business owners who are female. 

The study also showed that there was a marked difference between men and women in terms of what they are looking to get out of their investments in the rented market. It said that some 63 per cent of women are looking to use rental income as their main long-term market plan. 

In comparison, only some 53 per cent of men said they were looking to rental income as the main source of investment return. As many as 47 per cent of men were instead focussed on bringing in money in the long term through capital gains, which interested only 37 per cent of women. 

Alexandra Huntley, Simple Landlords Insurance head of operations, said that these statistics are a clear indicator of differing attitudes towards women as investors. 

"As recently as 1970 women could be refused a mortgage without a male guarantor. But buying, selling, renovating, and renting property is no longer just for the boys," she said. 

"Those stereotypes are firmly consigned to history. Women have been steadily gaining ground over the last 50 years and are increasingly gaining financial independence through property investment."