5 things you should always check with your landlord

5 things you should always check with your landlord [Photo: iStock/Alex459]

With more than 4.5 million homes now in the rented sector across the UK, there are more tenants than there have ever been. In fact, less than two-thirds of people now own the house they live in as renting has become an ever more popular way to live. However, one thing to remember when you become a private rented sector tenant is that there are far more rules that need to be followed when you are living there. 

And when it comes to making any changes to the property or your living situation, there are things you need to check with the landlord or letting agent first. In many cases, failure to do so could lead to your lease being void, and the landlord could ask you to leave, so it's always better to ask, and be safe rather than sorry. 

Here, we take a look at a few things it's always better to check with your landlord. 

Internet installation

Fast internet speeds are one of the most important things anyone wants out of their home these days, so more than ever before, the UK is turning towards fibre connections. The problems can come when it's time to have these installed. Fibre normally requires new connections to be installed and this can take some drilling to happen. Always check with the landlord that you are allowed to make such large changes or you risk serious trouble in their eyes.


Again, a much more common query these days as more people see rented accommodation as home, as opposed to just somewhere to live. It makes sense that anyone who has a pet would want to move it in with them at some point. But remember, many landlords don't like the risk that comes with a pet living in their property, so always double check before you make the move. 

Moving in

It's not just pets that tenants want to move into their new place from time to time. It may well be the case that you've met someone, started a relationship and want to live together. In most cases, landlords will be fine with this, but you always need to check so they can update the tenancy for insurance purposes. So never just chance it and always make sure you've made the call before you choose to move anyone in. 


When something goes wrong in a property, tenants are often worried that it'll take the landlord a long time to rectify the problem. However, before you give in to the temptation of just doing it yourself and getting someone in to repair the issue, remember to clear this with the letting agent or landlord. In many cases, they will be happy to let you do so, but it's always worth getting clearance first. 


Finally, because rented properties are like home to many people, a growing number of tenants now want the chance to be able to decorate when they move in somewhere. This is not always possible, but most landlords will allow it if you ask them first. Simply put together a little plan of what you intend to do to make it a bit of an easier one for them to approve without the worry of you doing something garish and over the top.