8 in 10 UK tenants are satisfied with their landlords

8 in 10 UK tenants are satisfied with their landlords [Photo: miluxian via iStock]

Landlords have traditionally been maligned, be it on TV or other forms of media, as being somewhat miserly and less than friendly when it comes to providing tenants with a service. However, those who operate in the market today seem to be going a long way to banishing this archaic misconception. 

According to new reports, the vast majority of people now renting privately across the UK are dealing with a landlord they actually like and enjoy a good working relationship with, which speaks volumes for the strength and professionalism now prevalent in the market. 

According to a survey conducted this week by BDRC Continental for Paragon Mortgages, as many as 79 per cent of tenants across the UK feel satisfied with their landlord at the current time. What's more, many tenants now also see their rental property as more than just somewhere to live while they save to buy their own place. 

In fact, 85 per cent of people said that the rented property they live in is their home, with many now considering it as a long-term prospect where they will experience many of life's big milestones. 

It shows how the market has changed in recent years, and how the rise of better quality rental properties has meant that people's perception has changed. Not only are landlords now seen as being fantastic to work with, but rental homes are now far more than just a stopgap for youngsters. 

And in further good news for landlords, it was revealed by the survey that even though the price people pay for rented accommodation continues to rise nationwide as demand grows, tenants are still seeing the value in what they pay. As many as 69 per cent of survey respondents said their current property represents value for money. 

"The rise of the PRS and the decline of the social housing sector have been the predominant trends in the UK’s changing housing tenure over the last 20 years. This data gives an interesting insight into how both tenants and landlords perceive these trends," said John Heron, director of mortgages at Paragon. 

"It’s good to see tenant satisfaction at such high levels. The sector often suffers from negative PR and the good work done by the vast majority of landlords to provide homes for those who cannot or do not want to buy goes unremarked," he added.