A roof terrace fit for a helipad, and other strange things London buyers ask for

A roof terrace fit for a helipad, and other strange things London buyers ask for

Property is as much an asset, a chance to show off your best self, as it is somewhere to lay your head at night, and for the richest buyers in London, the chance to take advantage of this platform is often too good to miss out on. 

London buyers see their property as something of a status symbol, and many are now going out of their way to make sure their new home has additional extras that will dazzle visitors for years to come. In recent years, one of the most common ways to do this was to create what is known as an 'iceberg home'.

These types of properties are all the rage in the trendier London boroughs, and they consist of extensions being built underground, leaving many homes with more under the ground than above it. These normally host wine cellars, swimming pools, squash courts and even cinemas, and give a home that special little element that rich buyers are on the lookout for. 

But as these become more common, a growing number of London buyers will be on the lookout for the new wow factor, so what are some of the more outlandish things people are still asking for?

According to a survey from Marsh & Parsons, there really are some fantastically unique requests made in London, from panic rooms for emergencies, to staff living quarters and an increase in numbers of people who want an indoor swimming pool. 

"Some buyers and tenants come to us with very unusual and specific requests, but luckily London’s rich and varied housing stock provides a wealth of choice, and properties to suit even the most particular of tastes from staff quarters to tree lined driveways. But no matter how lavish the requirements are, the chances are that we’ll have fielded a similar enquiry before," said Peter Rollings, chief executive officer of Marsh & Parsons. 

However, while many of the requests that people make have been seen before, there are some that really are just that little bit more unique than a heated pool with a hot tub or a lavish cinema room with its own popcorn machine. 

One aspirational buyer, Marsh & Parsons reports, was so interested in getting himself a home the likes of which no one else could match, that he asked if the company could find him a place with a roof terrace that had enough reinforcement to not only host glitzy and glamorous gatherings, but also to be able to hold the weight of a helicopter!