As prices cool, one UK property area remains hot

As prices cool, one UK property area remains hot

We have been told repeatedly in recent weeks that the property market across the UK is set to go through a period of change between now and the end of 2015. Prices have risen by nearly eight per cent in the space of the last 12 months, and as a result, it is predicted that next year will see them soften somewhat. 

However, while this is already starting to happen in certain areas of the country, a report has shown that in other places the market is still as hot as it has been for the past couple of years. Demand in the south of England remains high, and buyers are not being put off, showing just how robust the market in the region is.'s latest report has looked at the way house prices are growing in recent months. And while it reports that the price of buying increased by 0.6 per cent nationwide in September (the ninth consecutive growth), this is far lower than we've seen in the past few months. 

However, a deeper look at the figures shows that it's the north of the country that is bringing the cost of houses down at the moment, with the report showing that areas in the south are still thriving. In September, for example, the cost of houses in East Anglia were 1.1 per cent higher than a month before thanks to the sustained level of demand in the region.

It was a similar story throughout the south of England. In London, for example, prices also climbed by 1.1 per cent throughout the month, according to

And while price falls are expected to take hold throughout the next 12 months, actually predicts that certain areas in the south will continue to perform very strongly thanks to the fact that supply remains low while demand is still sitting high.