Board for housebuilding formed to help improve skills in the industry

Board for housebuilding formed to help improve skills in the industry [Photo: Justin Horrocks via iStock]

Over the next few years, housebuilding in the UK will be crucial, with supply and demand issues in both the rental and owner-occupier markets at critical levels, putting upward pressure on prices all the time. However, with more homes needed, the housing sector has often claimed that more needs to be done to ensure that companies can hire enough people to allow it to provide enough new homes. 

And now, the Board of the Home Building Skills Partnership (HBP) has been formed as a way to try to help address this issue. The group, made up of house builders, warranty providers and training and trade bodies, met for the first time this week to discuss how it will attract new people into the building industry. 

It was claimed that the aims of the group will include discovering new ways to develop, grow and maintain a training and employment programme that will bring about increases in the workforce that building firms need in order to provide the housing sector with the homes it needs to create.     

The main focus initially will be on promoting the building sector as a place to work so it can bring in outsiders who have not previously considered roles within the housing industry. From there, the HBP will move to improve the training available in the sector, with more focused courses that develop specific skills needed by firms. 

"The house building industry is totally committed to increasing output and meeting the housing needs of the country. The Partnership will help us attract and train the people we need to deliver more, high quality homes in the coming years," said the HBP's leader, Redrow Homes chief executive officer John Tutte.

"The broad experience of the Board we have recruited will help us put in place the building blocks we need to succeed. Over the coming years the Partnership will help secure tens of thousands of skilled employees for house builders and the wider industry who will help us solve the housing crisis we now face. More quality people will enable us to deliver more quality homes," he added. 

In just four years, the HBP aims to help as many as 3,500 companies across the UK, with plans to engage as many as 40,000 new workers in developing the skills they will need to operate in housebuilding.