Buyers fail to get their dream home

Buyers fail to get their dream home

Many house buyers realise within three months of moving that their new home is not their dream home.

New research from home interior company Hillarys concluded one in three buyers have regret after buying a property - with five per cent then seriously considering selling up and moving again.

A number of issues were the reason for turning a dream property into a nightmare home, including noisy neighbours, poor condition and heavy traffic.

 “There’s nothing more exciting that finding your dream home, but then there’s nothing worse than moving into your dream home and realising it’s not as much of a dream as you had hoped,” said Tanya Irons, spokesperson for Hillarys.

She added: “Whether your neighbours are unbearable, the house is falling down around you or the traffic outside is loud and constant, the smallest thing can make the dream come crashing down. It’s always worth being realistic as nothing’s ever perfect and you need to make the most of the situation.”