Five crucial pieces of information to include when you're selling your home

Five crucial pieces of information to include when you're selling your home [Photo: iStock/andresr]

When you're selling a home in the modern world, one of the most difficult things to do is to stand out from the crowd and make yourself the best option for anyone to buy from. Among the plethora of homes for sale on property portals, being the one that people choose can be a hard thing to achieve. 

However, if you include all of the most important information that people are looking for from sellers, you actually give yourself a far better chance of being the house that they might just come to view. Here, we take a look at a few crucial things you should always include when listing a property to improve your chance of selling. 

Internet speeds

It's a surprising entrant in any list of things that house buyers are looking for, but various surveys released in the last couple of years have shown that the age of streaming TV and music has increased the need for a faster internet connection. And buyers want to know before they make a move that their potential new home is going to be able to support their lifestyle. So always look to include details of what average speeds in the area are like, as well fibre availability. 

Transport links

Fewer people now live and work in London than ever before. Now, it's more common for people to choose to live in a suburban area - where buying or renting a home is cheaper - and commute in. For this reason, it's an absolute essential to mention as many transport links as possible in your property listing. Talk about road networks, buses and train stations to give your potential buyer as much information as you can. 

Council tax and bills

As well as the money that will be spent monthly on mortgage payments, people generally want to know what their outgoings will look like when they move in. For this reason, it's a good idea to make sure you mention, at the very least, what the council tax bill for the property is like. Those who want to go one step further can even include details of the average gas, electricity and water bills to give buyers more of an insight into what they might need to pay overall each month, should they move in. 


An essential if you are selling in an area that attracts families, one of the most common things people want to know before they commit to a home is that their kids will have access to good schools nearby. As a seller, it's therefore very important that you include these details in the listing for your property. You don't need to give every detail, but let people know what schools are nearby at least, so they can do their research during the decision making process. 

Boiler health

New boilers can be one of the most costly things to buy, and if it breaks, it's hardly a problem that you can just ignore. Buyers face charges into the thousands of pounds if a boiler needs fixing, and the last thing anyone wants is to face that in the weeks after they've moved in. You can give your buyer peace of mind, however, if you include details of the last time the boiler was replaced, repaired or service, so they know they can trust it to last a while.