Get your home show ready

Get your home show ready

If you plan to start 2018 with the prospective of selling your property and moving, then it may be worth thinking about the changes you need to make now to make your home attractive to buyers.

With the market remaining competitive, it is key to make sure your house is looking its best to ensure it attracts those purchasers who are motivated to buy.

Be honest

While you may think your home is perfect, it does pay to take an objective look at the property. Maybe the wallpaper has seen better days or is the lawn looking a little overgrown? Just smarting up a few things can have a real positive impact on buyers’ first impressions.

Small little DIY or touch-up projects can undermine a home and often buyers do not want a whole host of tasks to tackle when buying a property.

It is a good idea to ask yourself what sorts of things you'd want to see in a prospective home and compare how your property measures up.

Neutralise the decor

The perfect home for a potential buyer is a blank canvas, so make sure you take steps to neutralise the property, so it appeals to the most buyers.

Decluttering and removing anything that makes your home seem too quirky is a good start. While beige walls may be boring, it could make it easier for people to imagine themselves living there.

Also remember to make sure your home is tidy - buyers can often take a negative view of homes that are untidy and may perceive it as being smaller than it is.

Finishing touches

It could be those little extras that convince a buyer to put in an offer. Invest in some new cushions or replace those tired curtains. Popping a bunch of nice fresh flowers in a vase can also be a good way to add an extra welcoming detail to those looking for their next home.