High speed internet increasingly important to UK buyers

High speed internet increasingly important to UK buyers

Spacious homes with a nice garden and quiet respectful neighbours once used to be enough to sell a home in the UK, but it's becoming more and more about the little extra things, as the more discerning buyer seeks to make sure they are getting more for their money. 

According to the latest reports, one of the main things that people are looking for when it comes to buying a home is a high speed internet connection. With an increase in working from home and a rise in the number of people who use streaming services, this is hardly a surprise, but the size of the premium people are willing to pay for a good connection just might be. 

Research carried out recently by Hyperoptic suggests that the average British house buyer would be willing to spend as much as eight per cent (£14,000 plus) on a home if they can be assured of getting a reliable and fast internet connection. 

Of those who were questioned for the study, two-thirds said that fast internet connections were more important than having good neighbours. Meanwhile, a third of respondents would happily sacrifice a bedroom in their new home if it meant they could get 100 Mbps internet. 

At present, as many as 61 per cent of people are so influenced by the speed of internet they can get in a property that they will carry out a speed check before they make their decision. Meanwhile, 31 per cent will not even move home until they have their new internet connection up and running in the new property.

Hyperoptic vice president for products Steve Holford said that these results conclusively show just how important the internet is for the modern buyer. 

"Ultrafast broadband makes a property more marketable; people are increasingly reliant on their connection and need it to cope with their current and future bandwidth demands," he said.