How to ensure you get your asking price when selling your home

How to ensure you get your asking price when selling your home [Photo: iStock/oneinchpunch]

Hitting asking price when you're selling a home can be a bit of a difficult ask when it comes to the current market in the UK. With fewer buyers around and uncertainty in the market, asking prices are staying relatively flat across the country, according to the latest data from Rightmove, and more people are having to drop their asking prices than in recent years because they want to make the sale. 

However, when you are selling your beloved home, you want to make sure you get as much possible for the property so you're not losing out and feeling like you've been short changed. This is particularly true when it comes to a home that you've lived in and loved for years. So here, we take a look at just a few tactics you can employ to give yourself a better chance of finding a buyer and getting the full asking price for your home. 

Choose the right time of year

You can't always choose when you move home, and you really can't choose when someone comes along who will fall in love with your house and want to make it their own. But what you can do is try to bring it to market at the right time of year. The biggest reason people reduce their asking price is because they want to make sure they make a sale after months of frustration. However, if you put the house on the market at busier times of year, such as summer, then you will have more eyes on the property, and a much better chance of making a sale as a result. Try to avoid winter and late autumn, and look towards the better weather, when more people are happy to be out and about looking for somewhere to live.

Maximise the kerb appeal 

If you are looking for the highest possible price for your home, what you need is for someone to fall in love with it and immediately envisage themselves living there. In order to make this happen, you need to make sure the home makes the right first impression with potential buyers and makes them want to move in no matter the price. The first time they see the property will shape what they think of it, even if only subconsciously, so you need to make sure the property is working on the outside as well as the inside. Paint the fence and the front door, make sure to sweep up and cut the grass, and ensure that all clutter is removed from the garden to give the home that fresh look that will bring the buyers flooding in. 

Make the most of space

Space is a huge deal for the majority of buyers in the UK, and people want to know that they are getting as much for their money as possible. Somewhere that is lovely to look at but very small may just turn away the right buyer, while somewhere bigger gives them exactly what they were looking for, and they won't ask you to drop the price. To make the most of space, always take some time before listing your home to remove as much clutter as possible, clear out any furniture that doesn't necessarily need to be there and let in light where you can to create the illusion of a much bigger space. Chances are, if this impresses the buyer, you're far more likely to get your asking price.