How to market a property for spring to ensure you find a buyer or tenant

How to market a property for spring to ensure you find a buyer or tenant

In both the rental and residential property markets, spring is undeniably one of the very busiest periods of the year. People have waited out the start of the year and the uncertainty this can bring in various parts of their life, so many are itching to get moving, with spring offering them the best chance thanks to the better weather and the higher number of properties that come up for sale throughout this period. 

With this in mind, spring is one of the best times for sellers and landlords to come to markets, thanks to the sheer number of buyers and tenants shopping around. However, it's important to remember that there are so many homes coming to market that it's vital to outdo the competition. This can be done with a good marketing strategy, and here we take a look at a few top tips for getting this right. 

Go online

Many homes that come up for sale still tend to end up in the windows of letting agents and estate agents, or in the pages of the local newspaper, but is this really the most effective strategy? The simple answer is no. In this day and age, the internet is king when it comes to property, whether selling or letting. 

According to a recent study conducted by Direct Line, as many as 2.6 million people across the UK browse online property portals every single day, so it only makes sense to focus the attention of any marketing campaign for your house or flat online, where you have the best chance of finding a buyer or tenant. 

Keep it simple

You love your property, right? It makes sense that you do, and as a result you'll want the buyer or tenant to love it too. However, it's important not to go gushing about every little detail of the property in your listing. Remember, the ease of the internet means people can click off one listing and onto another in seconds, and if yours is oversaturated with long sentences, then that's exactly what people will do. 

The best way to write your listing is to keep it simple and straightforward. List the key aspects of your home, it's location and anything of note nearby, and you'll have the best chance possible of attracting a buyer or tenant without having to write too much. 

Take plenty of photographs

One major advantage that internet marketing has over the age of physical listings is that you're pretty much unlimited in the way you can show your home off through marketing campaigns. With this in mind, why not use it to be creative and really show off your home. After all, the external front and back photos are only an intro to what is inside the property. 

A good quality digital camera is an important asset for anyone who's selling or letting a home, and you should make sure the lighting is always favourable when snapping away. Aside from that, all that remains is to take as many photos as you can. Pictures of every room let people see exactly what they're getting, allowing them fall in love before they've even come to see the place.