How to prepare your house for a sale in the busiest months of the year

How to prepare your house for a sale in the busiest months of the year [Photo: BrianAJackson via iStock]

Autumn, and in particular October and November, has become the traditional busiest period of the year for the property market. While many would probably expect the summer months to be busier, it's autumn, and its placement between the school summer holidays and Christmas, that sees more people looking to buy homes than at any other time of year. 

This reality, however, means that sellers, as well as buyers, come out in force throughout the autumn period, and as a result, it's vital that anyone looking to bring their home to market stands out from the crowd. In a world of easy-access property portals hosting thousands of adverts, it's important that your home stands out, and this starts with properly preparing your home for being shown. 

Here, we take a look at a few quick things you can do to make your home stand out and prepare it for the busiest time of year. 

A lick of paint

The first thing anyone will see when they are looking at your home, either online or in person, is the exterior, so you need to make sure it shines and grabs the attention. This means ensuring that your garden fence and front door have had a quick lick of paint. It's an easy job, but it can make all the difference, giving the exterior of your home the ability to make the all-important first impression a good one. 

Tone it down 

You may well think that your unique sense of style makes your property highly desirable, but when it comes to the time to sell, it's important to be pragmatic about things. Take a step back and look at your decor, and ask if it's something that's likely to appeal to everyone. If you have a colourful home, it can be a good idea to tone it down a little to appeal to a higher number of people. White, beige and other neutral colours on the wall are easy ways to give your property the ability to wow everyone. 

Natural light

The photos that the estate agent takes of your home will make or break your property listing, so you need to make sure they are as attractive as possible. The best way to do this is to bring as much natural light into the rooms as possible. It makes them look more spacious and bright, which is a huge bonus in the eyes of buyers. To make this a reality, you can take out curtains and blinds from rooms that don't necessarily need them, maximising the light exposure in each room. 

No clutter

Another top tip for making your home stand out in images online is to ensure that you keep clutter throughout to an absolute minimum. You may have a lot of stuff at home that you treasure, but this means nothing to your buyer, and if you've got a lot of stuff sitting around, it really can make your home look cluttered. Space is the number one concern for buyers these days, and taking out any unneeded items is key to highlighting the space that your home does have to entice buyers.