International property investors remain undeterred in the face of Brexit

International property investors remain undeterred in the face of Brexit [Photo: Alija via iStock]

Britain has long been a fantastic place for overseas investors - particularly institutional buyers - to put their money into property. Strong returns and long-term health mean the UK property market is seen as one of the strongest in the world, and despite the current political uncertainty, it would appear that this attitude is not going to change any time soon. 

KPMG surveyed 60 of the biggest institutional investors from across the world who put their money into the UK from overseas. It found that as many as 46 per cent intend to continue with their investments in the UK on the same level to which they have become accustomed, in spite of the fact the government triggered Article 50 earlier this year, officially starting the Brexit process. 

In addition to this, 44 per cent said they will continue to invest, but perhaps on a slower basis than they have done in the past, while the UK negotiates the Brexit path. And only ten per cent believe their companies will stop buying property in the UK entirely. 

This is good news for the property market, and shows the reputation that it continues to enjoy on an international scale, as well as indicating that the market should have the backing to power through the uncertainty that Brexit will bring with it. 

Andy Pyle, UK head of real estate at KPMG, said that in the coming years, the UK’s departure from the EU will undoubtedly have an effect on the UK property sector, but added that precisely how this will unfold is largely unknown at present. 

"Uncertainty naturally has an impact on the industry’s attitude towards investing in the UK, but these attitudes also vary by investor, the origins of capital, investment strategy and the stance on Brexit," he added.