Is now the time to list? Property market gets set to heat up

Is now the time to list? Property market gets set to heat up

The property market in the UK moves in waves when it comes to demand and the sheer number of sales that take place across the country. While the last few months have seen the number of buyers remaining high, there are still times of the year when it's far better to be selling your home than others. 

For example, in December, there are few people looking to move home at all, while the summer and the good weather will start to bring people out to view properties and potentially complete a sale. 

Another time of the year when it is good to list property for sale is on us just now, as well, however, with the post-Easter period and the ever improving spring weather leading more people to want to move before the summer holidays. So is now the best time to list your home and boost your chances of finding a buyer and making a good return?

According to new reports, it seems this could be the case. As well as an increased demand, both buyers and sellers are now eyeing higher prices when it comes to completing a deal.

Markit's latest survey has shown that some 28.5 per cent of people across the country are of the opinion that their property rose in value across the space of the last month, compared to just 3.5 per cent who said their home was worth less than a month ago.

"The housing market is gaining momentum across many parts of the UK," said Gráinne Gilmore, head of UK residential research at Knight Frank, who added that it is in London and the south-east where prices are performing at their best levels at the moment.

And it is not just buyers who are looking at higher price points in the market at the moment, with the study from the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) showing that 19 per cent of homes are now selling for more than their asking prices.

This is compared to just seven per cent that enjoyed this luxury as recently as September, showing how sentiment and demand among buyers has grown considerably in just six months.

"Current conditions mean that in just a few months we’ve seen a large increase in the amount of people willing to offer over market price to secure homes," said Jan Hÿtch, president of the NAEA.

So with everything pointing towards higher prices, and the post-Easter rush just around the corner, now is definitely the time to make sure you get your home on the market.