Stevenage to London: Outstanding rail connections for commuters

Stevenage to London: Outstanding rail connections for commuters [Photo: sevenMaps7 via iStock]

Located in Hertfordshire, Stevenage is a town that has a wealth of advantages for London commuters. This is a place that combines excellent transport connections to the capital with more affordable prices, a superb range of amenities in the town itself and, thanks to its location, easy access to beautiful countryside as well.

For many commuters, it is, of course, the town's rail connections that really stand out. Stevenage offers speedy services to King's Cross, meaning that you can get from the town to the capital in just 20 minutes. 

What's more, the rail links are currently undergoing improvements that will make life easier still for residents who regularly travel into London. In 2018, Thameslink and Great Northern will commence new services from Stevenage that run via St Pancras, Farringdon and London Bridge. This allows for easy access to Eurostar and HS1 services (from St Pancras), as well as direct travel to key hubs such as Gatwick Airport, which will have a reduced journey time of 65 minutes. 

Of course, this has benefits beyond commuting alone. Not only does this make achieving a good work-life balance easier by reducing time spent travelling, it also means that enjoying everything from local leisure attractions to going abroad will become easier thanks to the speedier connections.

It's not just speed that makes Stevenage's rail connections appealing; pricing is just as big a draw. Indeed, while other popular towns in the commuter belt tend to have high rail fares, Stevenage's compare very favourably, with an annual rail pass costing nearly half the price of equivalent tickets in other commuter hotspots. 

This combination of speed and affordability make Stevenage a location that gives London workers the freedom to avoid the high property prices of the capital without having to take on the soaring rail fares seen elsewhere in the commuter belt. 

With investment in housing helping create exciting new homes for those wishing to avoid London's price tags, Stevenage has the properties and connections to make the commuter lifestyle not only easier, but highly desirable.