Survey shows tenants are happy with their landlords

Survey shows tenants are happy with their landlords

The switch towards a rental-centric property market has been something that many people have suggested we are starting to see in the UK, and now, more than ever before, we are seeing the private rented sector perform in a way that could see this become a reality, with landlords providing better quality and value than they ever have before. 

According to a survey carried out this week by Paragon Mortgages into the UK's rental sector, as many as 65 per cent of people who rent in the UK are of the opinion that the deal they are currently on either represents 'good' or 'very good' value for money, which has given them a generally positive sentiment towards the rental market. 

The survey, which was carried out by BDRC Continental, also said that there has been a very impressive rise in tenant satisfaction in the British private rented market. Some 80 per cent said they are happy with the arrangement and property that they have at present. 

Perhaps most importantly when it comes to the change towards a long-term rental-centric market, however, was the result that said more people now view their rented property as home. Some 87 per cent said this was the case, with fewer than ever thinking of it as a short-term option. 

More people nationwide also intend to rent in the long term rather than buying. Some 35 per cent said this was the case, compared to just 24 per cent who said their main intention was to buy a home at some point in the future. 

"This research provides a valuable insight into the sector. There are many surveys of landlords and many academic reports on the private rented sector. There are, however, too few surveys that poll tenants directly on their experience of renting privately," said John Heron, managing director of Paragon Mortgages.

"This survey has identified high levels of tenant satisfaction and an appreciation of the good value that rented accommodation can offer across the country."