Tenants resent not being able to buy

Tenants resent not being able to buy (Image credit: iStock)

Many renters would love to own their own home and resent having to be tenants, claims new research.

A total of 44 per cent of those involved in a new survey admitted they were unhappy renting but are not in a financial position to buy their own property.

The poll commissioned by home interior firm Hillarys concluded the main reason for disliking being a tenant was having to ask permission to make basic changes, such as putting up shelves.

Other concerns included the landlord being slow to get things fixed or showing up unannounced, while some felt uncomfortable with the idea the landlord could sell their home with little notice.

However, five per cent expressed pleasure with renting and said they preferred being a tenant rather than having the responsibility of owning their own home.

“When you’re renting, a good relationship with your landlord is what everyone’s hoping for. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and some landlords can be difficult,” said spokesperson Tara Hall.

“The results here are clear, landlords need to be easier to work with for the sake and tenants and harmony on both parts,” she added.