The most common mistakes sellers make when bringing homes to market

The most common mistakes sellers make when bringing homes to market

There are currently a great number of buyers in the property market across the UK, and even though that means it's easier than ever before to sell a home, it doesn't make it a straightforward process. 

Every year, hundreds of home sellers make the same mistakes when it comes to selling their properties, and even when the market is as strong as it is at present, these mistakes can easily turn a buyer away from a home they would have previously snapped up in the blink of an eye. 

So what are the common mistakes that people make when selling a home that turns buyers away? We take a look at just a few. 


Picture the scene; you find a home online that you really love, you book an appointment to go and see it to find out if it really is the dream home it appears to be...and then when you arrive there's a bit of an odd smell. It could be enough to subconsciously put you off. 

As a seller, it's vital that you pre-empt problems like these. If you have pets, for example, you might not smell them, but you have to be aware that the smell of pets will be immediately evident to someone visiting your home, so it can be a great idea to have a professional clean carried out before any attempt to sell your home. There's also little things you can do to avoid smells, such as not cooking any strong foods the night before viewings, and ensuring you don't have any damp clothes sitting around.

The garden 

You've probably spent a long time making sure the inside of your house is not only clean and tidy, but also well decorated, perfectly laid out and just generally ideal for showing off to that buyer who's coming round. But don't forget, as much as the inside of the house will dazzle them, the exterior gives it that kerb appeal, and can help them form an opinion before they've even come inside. 

The garden sells your home, even subconsciously, so as much as you want to get the inside of your home perfect, forgetting the garden is a big no-no. It's all too easy to miss things like tired old fences, lawns that are slightly too long or items strewn about the garden, but these are all things that give your home a negative kerb appeal, and it's absolutely essential that they're addressed before the home comes to market. 


You want your home to look lived in when you're selling it, but not too lived in. Your buyer wants to imagine themselves living there if they're going to make a decision to buy the home, and while your own items being in there can help them envisage that, too much will just end up looking like clutter and turn them away. 

It's all too easy to mistake things you love for something other people will love, but you need to be harsh when you're setting up your house for viewings. Consider moving out some furniture into storage for example, and you'll leave the property looking lived in, but still as if it's spacious, open and ready for someone new to come in and make it their own.