Top 5 tips for selling your home this spring

Top 5 tips for selling your home this spring

Homeowner confidence in the property market appears to be at an all-time high at the moment, with the latest report from Rightmove suggesting that early 2016 has seen asking price levels flirt with the £300,000 mark on average for the first time, taking asking prices to an all-time high. 

However, it's still early in the year, and as every savvy owner knows, the best time to sell a home in the British calendar is still to come. Spring represents the strongest time of any year in terms of the price that Brits can achieve, purely because there are more buyers around and because it's easier to show the home in a good light when the weather is improving and people are generally feeling more positive. 

With spring not too far away and buyer numbers high across the UK, you might be thinking that this spring will be the time to sell your home, but what will you be doing to make sure you get the best possible price? Here, we take a look at just a few top tips for making a sale this spring. 

Know your market

When it comes to attracting someone to your home and impressing them enough to have them make an offer, it makes sense to know who they are. Unfortunately, this is one of the easiest aspects of selling to overlook. Who are your target audience? It should be easy enough to work out based on the type of home and location you have to offer, and any estate agent worth their salt will be able to tell you that a city centre flat has a vastly different target than a suburban two-bed house. 

Once you know who you're trying to sell to, it can be a great idea to tailor your marketing towards these groups. If you are selling to young professionals, let them know about the local amenities for nights out and where they can get transport into the city. On the other hand, if you're selling to families, it can be a good idea for your house's advertising to include information about local schools and other family-friendly amenities. 

Spick and span

Spring is associated with a new start - the arrival of good weather and the better mood that brings with it leaks into the property market. Your buyers are likely to be out and about because they see the better weather as a chance to make a fresh start, so you should play into this with your pre-sale tactics and ensure the home looks visually appealing.

Getting everything clean and tidy is a great place to start, and with spring coming, this doesn't mean just inside the house. What better chance is there to get out into the garden and make sure everything outside the house looks as great as inside? After all, kerb appeal is a big part of the property market, and if you can appeal to people with great first impressions, your chances of success will be greatly improved. 


Don't be afraid to redecorate when your time comes to sell your home. It's probably the case that you've fallen in love with your home over the past few years you've lived there, and you've really made it your own, reflective your own personality, but it's important to make sure this isn't putting off potential buyers.

Remember, just because you love purple wallpaper and green carpets, it doesn't mean everyone will feel the same, and garish colours are actually far more likely put people off than attract them to the home. You should look to bring the freshness of spring indoors with a fresh coat of paint - preferably neutral - and some decor that will appeal to everyone. 

Let it shine

The sun's out, so don't hide from it. Space is still one of the biggest thing any buyer is looking for when they come to view a home they might want to buy. If a place is dark and dingy, it can make every room appear smaller than it is, whereas the sunshine beaming in can make a big difference, allowing the rooms to look bright and airy and appear even bigger. 

Some sellers even choose to take down curtains and blinds when they're doing viewings just to make sure they get maximum sunlight in the property when someone comes around to see it. 

Get it right - valuation

You might have the best house in the street, even the whole city, and confidence may be high among buyers at the moment, but the fact remains that if you price a home far too high, then you'll turn any potential buyers away before they've even given your house a second look. 

It is best to seek out advice at this stage. Bring in an estate agent who has experience of the area, and they can tell you the best price you can expect to get for your home. Remember that this is the busiest time of the year for property sales, so you can afford to be more ambitious, but don't get too greedy, or you risk simply pricing yourself out of the market entirely.