UK construction industry outlines plans for more training

UK construction industry outlines plans for more training [Image: iStockPhoto]

In the last year, the government's focus when it comes to the property market has been squarely on making sure people have as much ability as possible to buy their own home and get onto the housing ladder. 

This has mostly been eyed up through plans to increase the number of affordable homes available in the market, with Westminster outlining targets for more than 400,000 new properties to be built across the next few years. And now, the construction sector has looked to address how it will help facilitate this, with plans for more training to bring qualified people into the industry. 

Last year, there was a growth in the number of new homes provided of 25 per cent, with 181,000 new properties constructed nationwide, and two bodies within the sector want to see this momentum continue through the end of this decade. 

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and Home Builders Federation (HBF) have come together to announce a brand new spend of some £2.7 million over the next few years which will see it training thousands of new workers for the sector. 

In total, between now and the end of 2019, it is hoped that the industry will be able to train more than 45,000 people for working in construction. On top of these new entrants, it's also believed that the scheme will help 1,000 people already in the industry better their own skillsets.

The Home Building Skills Partnership is the first of its kind, and it will see the two bodies work with companies of all sizes nationwide to try to help meet demands for skilled staff in a bid to ramp up the number of homes being built across the country.

"The number of new homes is up 25 per cent in the last year because the country is building again and delivering the homes the nation wants. That’s why the Home Building Skills Partnership is an important initiative and will help deliver the training of skilled workers we need to get the job done and to improve quality across the industry," said Housing and Planning Minister Brandon Lewis. 

"Construction offers an exciting and rewarding career and we need to build a new generation of homegrown talented, ambitious and highly skilled construction workers," he added.