UK property demand up 9% in quarter two of 2015

UK property demand up 9% in quarter two of 2015

At the start of the year, one of the most prominent predictions we saw for UK property was that there would be a fall in the number of people who were looking to purchase, with the general election and its uncertainty forecast to subdue sentiment across the country. 

However, according to the latest reports, demand actually grew in the first half of the year, with the number of people looking to buy even climbing before the election. In quarter two of the year, for example, there was a rise of some nine per cent in the level of demand nationwide. 

According to the findings published by emoov, the most popular areas at the moment are those that serve as commuter hotspots for people who will be working in London. Places such as Watford, Reading, Aylesbury and Guildford now rank high on the top ten popular areas in the UK. 

And according to emoov, the Conservative majority in the election has provided some sort of certainty for buyers, which has meant more people coming to market in the two months since the election. This has meant a sharp spike in demand levels. 

"The UK property market definitely seems to have experienced a post-election bounce. With demand up 9 per cent nationally, people are clearly more confident about buying now that the next five years of government has been decided," said the firm’s chief executive officer Russell Quirk.

"It’s interesting to see the demand for commuter zone property continuing to grow. With London demand falling, property owners wanting to see an increase in their property price, might want to sell up and head a few miles out of the capital," he added. 

Of course, a fall in demand for London property is not necessarily a negative. It simply means that other areas around the capital in the south of the country are becoming more prominent as we move through the year, helping to achieve stronger market stability across the board.