What does the future hold for Stevenage?

What does the future hold for Stevenage? [Photo: Brockswood via iStock]

Located just 20 minutes from London, Stevenage is a popular town on the commuter belt. While it has a well-deserved reputation for its connections to the capital, this town is far more than a base from which to get to London; it's an excellent place to live too.

What's particularly appealing about Stevenage is that it's getting even better. In fact, there's a regeneration project underway that will not only see its already impressive transport links improved, but a host of other exciting developments as well. These include new housing, leisure facilities, schools and even whole new neighbourhoods.

Earlier this year, Stevenage Borough Council published an outline of what it hopes the regeneration project will achieve by 2031. 

Crucially, it aims to enhance Stevenage by turning it into a 'destination town centre' that will feature an improved rail station, more than 3,000 new homes and a community hub, as well as significantly more office and retail space. 

Reinvigorating the town centre sits at the heart of these plans, and includes new homes, extending the existing Westgate Shopping Centre, and creating a new civic square to add more green space. 

However, it's not only the town centre that's set to receive a little TLC; local neighbourhoods will also be improved with additional homes, shops and facilities, such as medical centres. 

As part of the plans, a number of new neighbourhoods will be created too - this will allow the council to expand the range of homes on offer. Indeed, approximately 2,700 homes are planned for these new districts, all of which will also boast essential community facilities.

For example, the north of Stevenage will see 800 new homes of varying types and sizes, as well as a primary school, local shops and a GP surgery. 

The new Stevenage West, meanwhile, will feature 1,350 new homes, open green space, a primary school, local shops, GP surgery and sports facilities. 

These are just some of the exciting plans for Stevenage's future. Combined with the existing strong transport links to London and local Hertfordshire attractions, they are helping to make the town one of the very best places for commuters to live.