What is the top priority for property buyers?

What is the top priority for property buyers?

It goes without saying that when you are moving home, there are a number of key aspects of any property, besides its physical location and its size, that will factor into your decision of whether or not to purchase. 

However, while this is something the vast majority of people will be more than aware of when they're buying a home, is it something you take into consideration when you're selling a property? You're seeking out prospective buyers, of course, so it makes sense to make sure you're offering them information that can help win them over and show them that your house is perfect for them.

To get your property advertisement right in terms of what sort of information to display, though, you need to know what people are looking for aside from information about the size of the home, the number of bedrooms and the garden. So what are the most common factors in influencing the decisions of buyers?

According to a new survey carried out by Move With Us, the single largest aspect that potential buyers are looking for is information about the schools that are in the vicinity of the home. Its survey found that this is a factor that 20 per cent count to be more important than anything else.

For others, the most important thing they will look for is good transport links, which 18 per cent of people are keeping an eye on. This is especially important in big cities and those towns that serve as commuter bases. A simple few lines about how close the nearest train station is and how long it takes to get to the centre of the city can make all the difference. 

A further 14 per cent said they consider it important that any place they choose to live has good access to amenities such as shops, doctors and dentists, and again, this is an issue that can easily be addressed in any property advert. 

What the survey also highlighted is that the property market, and what people look for, is changing with the ages, as more and more people are now seeing a fast and reliable internet connection as a vital factor when they're buying a house or flat. For 7.5 per cent of people, it is the biggest factor. Internet speed checks are easy to carry out these days, and it would be simple for you to post on your ad a little blurb about the connection you currently get. 

All of these factors are things that you might not automatically think about when you are selling your house, but given the level of influence on someone buying a home, and the ease at which you can include them in an ad selling your house, it makes sense to know exactly what drives people to buy. 

Robin King, director at Move With Us, said: "The property market has been through peaks and troughs over the last five years but properties bought near to good schools, transport links and local amenities are typically sound investments.

"Surprisingly, a fast internet connection and good mobile phone signal came low down the wish lists of prospective buyers although interestingly, a good internet connection is becoming increasingly sought after in rented accommodation," he added.