What makes Stevenage a top commuter town?

What makes Stevenage a top commuter town? [Photo: Mani Babbar via iStock]

With houses prices in London consistently rising, many people who work in the capital are being priced out of purchasing property there. However, this need not have a negative impact on homeownership and lifestyle.

Towns in London's commuter belt are flourishing, and providing a wealth of more reasonably priced, attractive housing just a stone's throw from the capital. One such location is Stevenage, which really stands out as one of the most appealing and advantageous places for commuters to live. 

What immediately draws most commuters is its rail connections. From Stevenage station, King's Cross is just 20 minutes away, and with annual season tickets costing close to half the price of equivalent tickets in other commuter towns, it's little surprise that this town is so appealing.

What's more, the rail advantages don't stop there. In 2018, Great Northern will start running new services to improve connections to hubs like central London and major airports, making reaching both work and leisure in the capital and beyond a quicker, easier affair.

Of course, a truly great commuter town needs more than strong connections to the capital; it must be a good place to live. Offering both an excellent selection of housing and an attractive town centre, Stevenage is certainly that.

Indeed, only last year the town received an injection of more than £200 million to improve local roads and motorways in order to pave the way for more housing growth. 

Also last year, Stevenage First revealed its 25-year plan to regenerate the town centre. This will include a transport hub incorporating rail and bus links, as well as an expanded range of leisure and retail options.

This plan has been made specifically with commuters in mind, with Stevenage Central Framework stating: "We will create a new community in the town centre by a significant increase in the number of residential units available. We plan to create a whole new housing market, by attracting rail commuters for whom the prices in London are now out of reach."

These new developments will add to Stevenage's already impressive array of attractions, which include the charming selection of cafes and restaurants in Old Stevenage, the excellent local shops, and the wealth of historic and countryside attractions dotted throughout Hertfordshire County.