What tenants want: More would like to be able to decorate

What tenants want: More would like to be able to decorate

People in the UK's private rented sector are now staying in one place for far longer than they have done in the past, and as a result, a growing number want to be able to turn their rental property into a home. 

According to a survey carried out by Endsleigh, this desire to be able to turn their home into a place they feel at home could even work in favour of landlords, with many tenants saying they would happily pay more rent if they were allowed to decorate the property.

The average tenant, according to the results of the survey, would be happy to pay almost £150 extra per year in order to be able to decorate their home the way they want to. And with five million private rental homes across the UK, Endsleigh said that this could mean a potential additional £530 million in revenue for landlords. 

At the moment, only 29 per cent of people said that they have explicit permission from their current landlord to decorate the home they live in, even though almost half (44 per cent) said they would be happy to pay more to have this privilege. 

And with a quarter of people now living in their rental home for more than three years, a huge change from even just a few short years ago, this is something that could become even more prominent as tenants start to see their rental homes as more than just a short-term option. 

The top desire among tenants is to be able to paint the walls of the property a colour that they want to, with some 19 per cent saying they want to be able to do this. Some 17 per cent want permission to be able to put pictures on the walls with nails or screws, ten per cent want to be allowed to put up their own wallpaper. 

"With it being so difficult to get onto the property ladder, people are now renting for longer, so naturally they are going to want to decorate the property they are living in long term," said David Hadden, manager for landlords and lettings at Endsleigh.

"Landlords who allow tenants to personalise their property could be favoured over those who don’t and may be able to command a higher rental price. If tenants feel at home in their property they may also have longer tenancies," he added.