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More properties selling below asking price

The UK has seen a record number of homes being sold for less than their asking price as demand falls at the end of 20...
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Average deposit rises above £50k

Average first-time buyers need to put down a deposit of more than £50,000 to secure a home, claims new research...
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Interest rate rise deterring young homeowners

Many young homeowners are being put off moving up the property ladder because of concerns over future interest rate r...
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Govt announces new fund for homes

A new £25 million fund has been created to encourage the building of high-quality and well-designed homes.

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Buyers fail to get their dream home

Many house buyers realise within three months of moving that their new home is not their dream home.

New resea...
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Longer tenancies could bring benefits.

Incentives to encourage landlords to offer longer tenancies could play a key role in boasting the UK rental market. Continue Reading