Preparing a house for renovation


Whether you’re renovating your home to accommodate the growing needs of your family, or with the intent of making a healthy return on investment, it’s important that you plan and prepare each stage of the work before you begin your renovation project.

After all, taking on a renovation can be a challenging and overwhelming prospect, so it’s crucial to make a thorough plan outlining how you will approach each stage of the project. In the world of renovation, it’s certainly true when they say, fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

The good news is, if you’re about to start a renovation, you’re in the right place. Here’s our guide to preparing for renovation.

Have you got you a building report?

Before beginning any renovation work on your property, it’s important to commission a building report to ensure that there’s no hidden problems that will impact the work you’re about to undertake.

Work out a timeline

If you’re managing every stage of the renovation project, make sure you have a schedule to work from to ensure that your project remains on track.

Establish a running order of the work that needs to be done and when, then book in any tradespeople in accordance with your plan. This will ensure that work doesn’t overlap, and everything is completed on schedule.

Do you need new electrics?

If you’re updating a space in an old building, it’s highly likely that you’ll also have to update the electrics. This can be incredibly costly, so it’s important that you investigate it early on and factor it into your budget.

Secure your foundations

Before you get started, make sure you secure all of your foundations, make any repairs to weakened walls, carrying beams and joists, fix any damage to the roof, and any other factors that will impact upon remodelling work.


When knocking down any part of your property, you should always do so with caution.

Demolition work can be a messy and often dangerous task. With this in mind, you should always call in the professionals to complete any demolition work, especially on large scale projects.

New walls

When moving, building or adjusting walls, employ the help of a structural carpenter to ensure that the walls are well supported and right for your property.

Keep the space tidy

Renovation projects create a lot of mess. To avoid accidents or slowing down your project, make sure you dispose of any rubble, waste or other materials as you go! And remember, before starting your project, ensure the area is clean and tidy.

Finally, always stick to your plan and budget.

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