Tower Bridge estate agents.. but not as you know them

Tower Bridge estate agents - Gordon & Co Estate Agents

Our Tower Bridge estate agents team enjoy one of the most stunning office settings in London - the staff just have to peak their heads around their front door on Tower Bridge Road to see the majestic bridge leaves (the proper word is actually bascules) rise to let a ship pass through. But it’s OK, the team have learnt to ignore such a wondrous sight - their focus is firmly on property!

Tarryn wins the award for best combining work, rest and play. She has become a living, breathing advert for the area by moving in to a flat actually on Tower Bridge Road - she couldn’t be closer to her desk if she tried!

The love of being riverside is in Tarryn’s blood - she enjoys the claim to fame that one of her great grandfathers was a captain of the Cutty Sark ship, located not far downstream in Greenwich.

Gordon & Co Tower Bridge Estate Agents team

When they’re not listening to Tarryn’s tall tales (she was also a body double for Hilary Swank), the talk turns to football. Becky is quick to remind her colleagues that she played for Crystal Palace FC Ladies up until the age of 16, while Jacob has aspirations of being the next Gareth Southgate, with two boys already putting him halfway to his own five-a-side football. In fact, almost everyone in the office is a massive football fan but none quick to admit they support local team, Millwall.

Come in and see us in the office for a chat and a cuppa - just check ahead to see if the bridge is up!