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Meraki is a Greek word to express doing something with the utmost care, diligence, and love. The idea is that you giv...
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Get some gezellig into your life - Gordon & Co Estate Agents

If you think hygge has had its day and you’re over ubuntu, make way for a new lifestyle and interior trend.  Continue Reading

Improve your life with ikigai - Gordon & Co Estate Agents

Ikigai (pronounced ick-ee-guy) is the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. The Japanese concept means 'a reason ...
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Bring Ubuntu into your life - Gordon & Co Estate Agents

While little-known in the UK, ubuntu is a big thing in Africa. The Zulu word translates as ‘we are all one family...
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Collect your rent on time - Gordon & Co Estate Agents

Staying on top of rent collection is more important than ever, especially as landlords<...
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KonMari your move - Gordon & Co Estate Agents

You can use the new beginnings, green shoots and lighter days of spring as your inspiration, with a little help from ...
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